The wrong address

I don’t know how she looks or who is she, but her over used abbreviations hints that she’s a millennial just like me.

In every 2 months, she writes this letter to Matthew Brown, probably her lover and the former resident of this house.

I doubt if he loves her the way she does. Don’t you think; otherwise, he’d been kind enough to tell her how he doesn’t lives any longer in this place.

She never asks much about him though. Except why he didn’t call her on May four.

How she waited for his call that day- in golden curls and red dress- on her birthday.

Reading her letters is like glancing at someone’s diary- You got no business with it, still you want to get every glimpse of it.

She scribbles more than she writes, and often missing the dot of her I’s;

She leaves occasional updates about her life, drawing a smiley beside her goodbyes.

I don’t know what is it about her, it would sound a cliche if I call it love.

But have you ever felt for someone, just reading through words?

Knowing she writes her I love you’s picturing someone else in her head.


He makes me go weak in my knees- Prateek Kuhad truely deserves the fame he’s receiving lately!

I don’t fangirl over a lot of singers, so if I do, just know there must be a pretty good reason behind it.

It was only last year when I stumbled over a song in my YouTube feed and instantly fell in love with it. It was Tum jab paas by Prateek Kuhad. I know I’m too late in the game as many of you have been following him from a long time. But I’m so glad I found him.

There was a comment I read on one of Kuhad’s videos, “He is a type of singer you want to see achieving fame, but at the same time you want him to remain your little secret.” Now I see myself relating to it.

Something about him: Prateek Kuhad is an Indian singer- songwriter mostly famous for his indie music. He made his Bollywood debut in 2016 by the song Kho Gaye Hum Kaha ( Baar Baar Dekho). We all owe him a thank you for bringing a wave of refreshment to bollywood music.

Prateek’s songs are like hugs in winters, a smile by a stranger, a text from your crush, or a new found love. You got my point, didn’t you? And for those who didn’t, make sure you make it to the end of the post!

Here are my favourite Prateek Kuhad songs which you must listen ( if you haven’t already), that will make you go awe for his voice. πŸ’›

Tum Jab Paas

Kho jane ki jidd na karo

Khwaish hai ye dil ki

Mai bhi toh laut ayunga

Haawaon sa gungunauga

Listening to this song is like treating yourself with Dopamine. Something about this song is SO innocent, that it touches your heart in every corners. And have you checked out the video? It’s like a treat to the eyes! Just pause the video at any second and you’ll get a Instagram ready shot.

Click here to listen.

Cold Mess

I wish I could leave you my love

But my heart is a mess

My days begin with your name

And nights end with your breath

Okay, so this one is quite a hard one. I loved the theme of the song and how beautifully they displayed it in the video- the idea of going for the lemon tart, or just loving someone who isn’t meant for you or is toxic in some way. The song doesn’t fantasize unhealthy relationships but it shows the helplessness that people go through in a relationship , who try to love the right way, only ending up breaking each other more and more.

Click here to listen.

Dil Beparvah

Iss dil ki aadat yahi hai

Gir kar sambhalta nahi hai

Zalim samjhta nahi hai

Ye koi suban

Ye dil beparvah

This is one of the songs I would love to listen on a starry night or on a road trip. Such a simple song and still got so much to say.

It reminds me of the pic I saw on the internet, a heart with scratches and a bandage lol. The song is just a way to put it- Dear heart, don’t make yourself get hurt, again!

Click here to listen.


Mai apne mann ka hausla hu

Hai soya jahan, par mai jagah hu

Mai peeli seher ka nasha hu

Mai madhosh tha kal, abb mai yaha hu

I loved how beautifully the song is used in the movie, Karwaan. The song like the movie itself engulfs motivational vibes. If you’re looking for something to boost up your system, I’ll ask you to listen to this song. It will give enough nerve to make a choice- Take the job, quit the job, to make something outta your life.

Prateek’s voice acts a halo to the lyricsπŸ’•

Click here to listen.

100 words.

Do you have 100 words for me?

Cause I have only 3.

The song gives a feeling that I don’t wanna get rid of for the rest of my life. I don’t know what love is, but I guess it must feel like this song. It makes me want to find someone, fall in love, and sing this to him!

It got such a beautiful poetry feel to it. I love poetry, I love Prateek’s voice and I love music! What more could I ask for in 3 mins.

Click here to listen.

Hey guys, I’m sure I’m missing on many more of his awesome compositions. Comment down and let me know. πŸ’›




Only lies

“Enough with the truths, let’s try this in a different way,” said Amy.

Let’s speak anything except truth, for 20 seconds straight. Only lies.

Charlie: I like what you’re wearing tonight.

Amy: I like what you wear, ALWAYS!

Charlie ( chukles): I like how you come up with these interesting games, Amy. It makes my day!

Amy: Just like you talking PUBG to me. You’re welcome!

Charlie: I actually read that Sidney Sheldon book I borrowed from you last week.

Amy: Never been attracted to any of your friends.

Charlie: Same.

Amy: Much expected from you. Pervert.

Charlie: Hey, only lies!

Amy: Hahah, I regret meeting you!

Charlie: …

Amy: Charlie?

Charlie: It’s a pain to see you everyday. I don’t know what you think of yourself, but you’re not even that pretty. Even now, I’m looking at you and I don’t think you’re that great, you know? I feel nothing.

Can we end this game now?

Amy: I hate you so much.

They both smile.




Movies that needs a closure

It’s a saturday night and you decide to watch a movie. You slouch on your sofa and watch the movie your friend has been suggesting from decades. After one and a half hours, the movie ends. Now one of the two things happens.

1. Either you enjoyed it.

2. Or you didn’t.


The other few times, it just leaves you hanging there. Tbh I love cliffhangers or open endings, but you know the process of watching a movie; you get attached to a character and you want an effing closure for them, which YOU DON’T GET!

So, here I list few movies I’ve watched which I thought ended kinda abrubtly, leaving me asking for more. Tell me if you could relate! πŸ’›

Before we go

You can’t allow the person who you love, to determine how you love.

Once you have saved yourself from being distracted by Chris Evans’ gorgeous looks, you’ll acknowlege what a beautiful lesson the movie has to tell: Not every person we meet are meant to stay, and it’s okay.

Two strangers, Nick Vaughn and Brooke Dalton meets in Manhattan . While Nick is still going through the hardships that comes along with a broken heart, Brooke isn’t struggling any less to make her marriage work with her husband. In the midst of eveything, they witnessed a blooming attraction between them.

How the movie ends: Nick and Brooke after spending a quality time together part ways on a emotional note. As per the theme of the movie that was supposed to be it. Then what was with the hotel feedback form that Nick left with Brooke which said “Turn over“? What was written on other side of the receipt?

I guess we’ll never know. I can’t predict what it said, but how can one forget the smile that it brought on Brooke’s face. So maybe it’s something good or something she was looking forward to.


Pata hai, yaha se bohot door, galat sahi ke paar, ek maidan hai. Mai vaha milunga tujhe.

It’s a story about a budding artist Janardan aka Jordon; his struggle, his passion and his love.

We spend our lifetime finding love. When we find it, we’re not mature enough to keep it around, and finally when we become capable enough, love slips from our grip and we lose it again.

How the movie ends: The movie ends on a emotional note where Jordon is performing on stage contemplating the times spent with Heer.

And that was it. The end. I was curious about what happens to him later. Does the loss of Heer destroys him or he saves himself? Is he sober now? And plenty of other questions!

They didn’t even showed it clearly whether Heer died or survived the coma, but the union of Jordon and Heer (her soul) in the end scene prompted that she died. That particular scene was SO mesmerising and heartbreaking at the same time!

Ek mai aur ek tu

Maine dost se pyaar kiya, aur tumne dosti se pyaar.

Riana enters Rahul’s life at his lowest point. Rahul who wasn’t a very big fan of hers at the beginning slowly grew fond of her, BUT it was not until they got drunk married in LA ( A Ross- Rachel moment), did Rahul realized the intensity of his emotions. Unfortunately, Riana never felt the same way.

How the movie ends: Riana and Rahul divorced each other and continued being best friends. Rahul clearly mentioned how he’s still not over Riana and he’s hopeful that someday he’ll bring Riana in the chapel again. This time not drunk.

Riana once told Rahul how she wants him to be someone with whom she can discuss her heartbreaks.

I mean, don’t you think it’s wiser to choose a person who wouldn’t break her heart in the first place. I hope she gets this and say yes to Rahul.

Already tomorrow in Hong Kong

This is one of those movies which keeps you glued towards the end, and just when you’re expecting something huge to come around, the credit starts rolling!

Ruby felt attracted towards Josh on her first encounter with him. She totally lost her cool when she finds out that he’s committed and how he kept it to himself all this while, and on that note, she leaves.

After 2 years, destiny brings them together once again in the city of Hong Kong.

How the movie ends: As you proceed towards the end, you’ll see Ruby and Josh dancing to a song. It is that moment when they realize the spark between them, knowing it’s wrong, as not only Josh has a girlfriend even Ruby is now engaged to be married with someone.

In the last scene, they are seen sitting in a cab where they both has to make a decision; whether to remain tied to an unhappy relationship, or give themselves a chance.




A perfect day

My guy, standing by my side

Just like denim goes with white

He’s standing by my side

his hair turning brown, reflecting the sun rays

On his face

There is that look which tells how

A fling turned something looks like

I know how they say relationships sinks the same way it rise

Maybe to those who seek assurance in words when it’s in the eyes

I grabbed his hand with the authority of he’s mine

While he uploaded a photo of us captioning

That’s how a perfect day looks like.



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Happiness is you

*This post is a continuation of Strawberries & Cigarettes

There are few things you should know about me.

1. I talk alot when I’m happy.
2. I’m happy most of the time.

When I was young, my definition of happiness was those red heart balloons. I remember how we siblings used to buy it -write our names on them- and set them free, to watch them disappear in the sky. I always believed that someday someone’s going to find the balloon, with my name on it, and would return it back to me. It never happened.

So, as you see, I was proned to heartbreaks since my very childhood. Now, things are different but similar at the same time. It’s not that I don’t get hurt anymore, I just don’t flaunt my heartbreaks the way I flaunt my happiness now. I like it that way. People like it that way.

As I crossed my teens, I stole my share of happiness from the people I encountered- wild and reckless, who made me see the world the way it should be seen and cherised. One of them was Adrian.

Adrian and I have been bestest buddies from our highschool days. I was the first person to know about her secret tattoo that she’s been hiding from her mum, her love affairs or the times she had cried on the bathroom floor.
I loved Adrian more than her parents ever did- that’s what she said one day. And from that day till now, we never fell apart.

I told her about the phone call I got yesterday.

Adrian: What did he say?

Nothing. I never called him back.

Adrian: Why the heck you make eveything so damn complicated, Lizy??? WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL?

Let it be, it doesn’t matter.

Adrian: No! If you’re talking about the same effing person, contantly for 6 effing years, then surely IT DOES MATTER!
If he’s still on your mind, IT DOES MATTER! Now call him and let me know what that dumbhead has to say.

Should I call him now? I turned towards the clock as it striked 3. People are supposed to by at work now. If I call him now he might think that he’s constantly in my mind and that I’ve got no life of my own, which is sooo not true! I should wait till evening.

Okay Lizy, just hit that dial button. Take it easy. Breathe.


Hey, Lizy here.

Lizy! How’ve you been?
What made you miss me?

Seriously? It was YOU who called me yesterday.


Hang on, Lizy. I’m kinda stuck somewhere. I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Would that be okay?

No? Ego= destroyed

Yeah sure.

I’m gonna kill that bitch Adrian. She made me call him.

I’m glad you called! I’ll call you soon.

AGAINNN, it was YOU who called me first!

Me too.

I didn’t get any call from him that night. Nor did I expected that much. You already know my concept of expectations.
It was 12:35 pm when I was watching a youtube tutorial of how to make Horchata at home, and a notification popped up my screen…

Can I call you?

And at that particular moment, 12: 35 pm sharp, I found my moment of happiness. Yet again.

To be continued…




Types of followers I met on WordPress.

I started my blog on Aug 2018, basically out of boredom. During the first month of my blogging, I had about 10 followers out of which 5 of them were my very own friends ( who followed me after lots of pleading and begging). And here I am, still not famous enough, begging you for new follows. So if you’re new here and reading this- FOLLOW ME!

This post is for every fellow followers who likes, ignore or curse my posts. EACH ONE OF YOU. πŸ’›

Transaction Buddy

This is the most common category of followers you’ll encounter here. Basically, these are the ones who will like your post even if you post something in Chinese, just because you seem to have like their post a while ago. It’s like a transaction- you be in good terms with me and I’ll be with you. You follow me and I will follow you. It’s like a treaty.

And they take their work very seriously. Don’t you ever try to act smart with them!

One Night Stand

These are the types of followers who stops by your blog one fine day, and shower love and and all kinds of amazing comments, only to disappear the very next day. I promise you, you won’t hear from them again. Ever. They are similar to those f***boys who promises you to call you back but they NEVER DOES.

The One That Got Away

They come into your life uninvited, becomes a part of your life and then… poof! You still sometimes think of them while having your coffee, you still check for them in your notifications but you don’t find them. In your vulnerable times, you might even try to stalk their blog. Stop it there, bro! Let it go. You deserve someone better who not only likes your post but also reblogs them.

These are the ones Taylor Swift should write a song on.

Peter Parker

Everytime you post something, there must be that one person who will like your post no matter what. We tend to take them for granted like we took Peter Parker, until we realised he’s Spiderman.

We should be thankful to them for the times they saved us from embarrassment when our post struggled to get a single like. THEY ARE THE REAL HEROES.

Star Of The Show

As the name suggest, I LOVE this category of followers. They are the dedicated and sincere readers of your post. We often worry that who’s going to read our long 600 words post, thanks to them as they genuinely love investing time in good contents. They don’t throw likes just for the name sake, unless they mean it. Also, they give the best feedback one can ever receive.

Hey guys, if you can relate with this post, let me know in the comments. Your comments makes my day! No kidding.